Wire bonder

WESTꞏ BOND Model 7700E is a thermosonic ball-wedge wire bonder designed to interconnect wire leads to semiconductor, hybrid, or microwave devices. The machine bonds 1 mil (25.4um) diameter gold wire by the ball-to-wedge technique using ultrasonic energy and work piece heat. The connection is begun with a ball formed on the end of the wire stock by electric discharge, and completed by a wedge bond under the end of the capillary tool. The bonding tool is guided manually by the operator using hand/eye reference to bond targets and elevations.  Range of movement of the tool by manipulator control is 0.5625” (14.2875mm) vertically and 0.6250” (15.875mm) in horizontal directions.  For optimal bonding success, bond pads should be made of gold at least 200nm thick.  The ball bond diameter is ~75um, so ideally bond pads should be 100x100um square or larger.