Equipment Specialized Training

Specialized equipment training durations are approximate and will vary.  Trainee will be billed for actual duration of training.

Lithography Equipment  

KSuss_MA4-1 and MA4-2: Alignment for odd size substrates (0.5 hour)
GCA 8500 I-Line Wafer Stepper: Small (<5x5mm) substrate alignment (2 hours)
EVG 620: Alignment for odd size substrates (0.5 hour)
EVG 620: Backside alignment (1 hour)

Deposition Equipment  
Lesker Labline Sputter: RF/Reactive sputtering (3.5 hours)


Analytical Equipment  
Bruker Dektak XT: Film stress measurement (0.5 hour)  
Thermal Equipment  
Annealsys AS-One RTP: Using the susceptor (1 hour)  
Packaging Equipment  

EVG 501 Bonder (in combination with EVG 620): Wafer bond alignment (2 hours)
Disco DAD 321 Dicing Saw: Cutting small (<5x5mm) substrates (2 hours)

Microscopy Lab  

FEI Scios Dualbeam FIBSEM: TEM lift out sample preparation (6-8 hours)
FEI Scios Dualbeam FIBSEM: Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) (1 hour)
FEI Scios Dualbeam FIBSEM: Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) (1.5 hours)