Microfabrication Services

CNM2 is the ideal solution for start up companies in the Sacramento and Bay Areas that require microfabrication but do not want to invest in a cleanroom or fabrication equipment.   Schedule a meeting with CNM2 Management to discuss your process requirements and take advantage of our well established DRIE, RIE, HDPCVD, ALD, packaging and many other processing techniques.  We offer fast turnaround times and high quality service for wafers shipped to our facility. Let us help your business succeed!

  • External User access procedure for fabrication services
  1. Email CNM2 manager to discuss process requirements.  We will prepare a quote for the required services
  2. Complete the University Services Agreement: 
    1. Email CNM2 Admin the following information:
      1. Full company name and address
      2. Company phone number
      3. Dollar amount not to exceed (estimate for one year)
      4. Name, title and email address of the individual who will sign the Service Agreement on behalf of the company
  3. CNM2 will send the Service Agreement with Exhibit A for signatures
  4. Copies of the fully executed agreement will be distributed to all parties 
  5. Email a copy of your company W-9 form to CNM2 Admin 
  6. Send a copy of the purchase order for your anticipated usage.  Dollar amount should match the “Not to exceed” amount listed in the agreement.  CNM2 will invoice monthly for usage. 

We can begin providing services as soon as we receive the signed Service Agreement

  • Internal UC user access procedure for fabrication services
  • Email CNM2 manager to discuss process requirements and request a quote for services