The IntlVac Nanoquest IBE/CAIBE/RIBE system utilizes a remote broad beam ion/plasma source to remove substrate material by physical inert gas and/or chemical reactive gas means.  Ion beam etching (IBE) is considered a universal etchant process method. For example, IBE can etch noble and refractory metals, alloys, and magnetic materials without any harsh chemical reactants.  Gasses available for use in Reactive Ion Beam Etch (RIBE) mode include Ar, O2, SF6, CF4, CHF3 and N2.  Gasses available for use in Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etch (CAIBE) mode include SF6, CF4, CHF3 and O2.  Motorized control of stage tilt provides ion incident angle with 0.1 ° increments up to 135 degrees with reference to the stage platen normal to the ion source axis.  The system is fitted with a manual transfer load lock assembly which accommodates sample sizes ranging from small parts to full six inch wafers. The wafer is loaded onto a carrier and thermally bonded to the carrier before loading.