CHA E-beam Evaporator

CHA Ebeam

Used for depositing films of metals, oxides, nitrides and semiconductors, the CHA E-Beam Evaporator is the ideal tool for lift-off-layer patterning of most thin films. By design, it can evaporate up to 6 different materials in a single vacuum, which together with its low base pressure allows users to create metal stacks with non-ohmic contact between the layers. Materials can be deposited up to 1.5 um in thickness and many materials are available to evaporate. Additionally, CNM2 provides Al, Cu, Si, Ge, Cr, Ti, Ni, W and SiO2. CNM2 does not provide Au, Pt, or Ag. The CHA E-Beam Evaporator has space for 18 4" wafers in its rotating planetaries, and has sample holders for chips. Close alternatives for depositing thin films include the Lesker Sputterer, the CHA Sputterrer and the CHA Thermal Evaporator. Crucible size for the pockets in our E-beam: Volume-15cc, Top Dia - 1.48", Height - 0.67". We have spare graphite crucibles in CNM2 office, so please contact us if you need to buy graphite crucibles.