Position Title

  • CNM2
1209 Kemper Hall

Ryan Anderson received his B.S. degree in applied physics from University of California Davis in 2000. He went to Lehigh Microscopy School in 2011 to further his education in scanning electron microscopy and x-ray micro-analysis. As seasoned cleanroom engineer, Ryan has more than fifteen years of experience in characterization tools (FIB, SEM), metrology techniques, and a wide range of micro- and nano- fabrication techniques including photo and electron beam lithography, nano-imprint lithography, RIE/ICP dry etching, RF and DC sputter deposition, PECVD, and electron beam and thermal evaporation. Prior to joining UC Davis, he worked as a Senior Development Engineer at the Nano3 cleanroom facility in the San Diego Nanotechnology Infrastructure (SDNI), part of the NSF supported National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), since before the facility opened in 2006 (he started with an empty cleanroom in 2005). After many years working with users and equipment in a core facility he has a deep understanding of what makes this type of operation run smoothly. He takes a very personable approach to making sure that the users are safe and successful while working independently in the facility. At SDNI his colleagues and he built success on equipment uptime and a positive customer service attitude.