Internal UC Access Procedure

Internal UC Member Access Procedure

  1. Go to the UC Davis Learning Center  
    • Log in and complete the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Course 
    • Email a digital copy of certificate of completion to CNM2 Admin  
  2. Review the CNM2 Policies and Procedures document
  3. Pass the CNM2 Policies and Procedures exam:
    • Full facility access exam
    • Microscopy lab access exam
    • NOTE: microscopy lab users are not required to complete the full facility exam and vice versa
  4. Email CNM2 Admin to schedule the CNM2 Facility safety orientation and wet bench training 
    • Badger – note: user must provide valid recharge account number 
    • Facility safety orientation with Paula Lee
    • Wet bench training with Ryan Anderson (not required for microscopy lab access)
  5. Email CNM2 Admin to initiate the Internal User Agreement via DocuSign.  Please provide:
    • Your full name
    • Your Faculty Advisor's full name
    • Your Faculty Advisor's email address
  6. Facility access will be activated upon receipt of signed Internal User Agreement