Internal UC Member Access Procedure

  1. Go to the UC Davis Learning Center  
    • Log in and complete the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (UCLSF) Course 
    • In the UC Davis Learning Center, go to "Transcripts and Certificates" and locate your UCLSF certificate
    • Export the UCLSF certificate to pdf
    • Email a digital copy of certificate of completion to CNM2 Admin  
  2. Review the CNM2 Policies and Procedures document
  3. Pass the CNM2 Policies and Procedures exam:
    • Full facility access exam
    • Microscopy lab access exam
    • NOTE: microscopy lab users are not required to complete the full facility exam and vice versa
  4. Email CNM2 Admin to schedule the CNM2 Facility safety orientation and wet bench training 
  5. Email CNM2 Admin to initiate the Internal User Agreement via DocuSign.  Please provide:
    • Your full name
    • Your Faculty Advisor's full name
    • Your Faculty Advisor's email address
  6. Install AggieAccess app on your mobile device (if you have not already)
    • Look for an email from with instructions and a registration code
    • Follow the instructions to register your mobile device
    • You will use this mobile device to enter Kemper Hall and CNM2
  7. Facility access will be activated upon receipt of signed Internal User Agreement