Getting Started with Badger

Getting Started with Badger

  • Installing Java
    • For Windows or Linux, you may need to download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Oracle - Sun
    • Badger only works with Java Runtime Environment 8. For more information click here.
    • Note: The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) includes everything that you need to run Badger including Java Web Start. You don't need the JDK (Java developer's kit), or the version that is bundled with NetBeans.
    • For Macintosh, some older Macs do not run Java and will not be able to run Badger. For most Macs this should not be an issue.


  •  badger Running Badger for the first time
    • Open a browser on the machine that you would like to run Badger from.
    • Point the browser to:
    • This should download and then run Badger. It will probably open a window or two with warnings about the certificate, but go ahead and click OK to install.


  • Use the "New Member?" button on the login to complete the application.
    • To avoid delays in processing your account be certain to use your UC DAVIS email address (
    • You must have a valid account to create an account.
    • View Instructions for the New Member application by selecting the button at the bottom.
    • You will receive a confirming e-mail once staff have approved your application.


  • Lab staff can assist
    •  You must be complete the appropriate forms, and training before you can be qualified by staff to use the equipment. Staff is available to help you with the Badger application and with equipment qualifications.

    • If you receive a message indicating that your Account is invalid during the application process you will need to check with your advisor or business manager to get a valid account.