Equipment Training and Authorization

To become an authorized user of any CNM2 equipment you must:

  1. Review the equipment operation manual.  You will find the equipment manuals on the training page.  Please note that you must be a UC Davis affiliate to access the operation manuals.
  2. Complete the pre training quiz
    1. Completion of the quiz will automatically initiate a training request to the tool manager
  3. Schedule training with the CNM2 staff member in charge of the equipment
  4. Attend a number of training sessions sufficient to gain a solid familiarity and understanding of the operation procedure
  5. When you are able to demonstrate mastery of the operation procedure and an understanding of the underlying processes involved with the equipment operation, CNM2 staff will authorize you to use the equipment independently and enable your access to the equipment via the online lab management system.


Lab members are not allowed to operate any piece of CNM2 equipment without supervision until he or she has completed sufficient training AND authorization by CNM2 staff.  All processes must be carried out within the guidelines provided by CNM2 management. Materials and/or processes not in common use at the facility need to be reviewed by CNM2 management, and the facility reserves the right to disallow processes that might harm equipment or disrupt other processes.