External Non UC User access procedure – establish new Service Agreement

  1. Email CNM2 manager to discuss process requirements and access procedure.  Optional: schedule facility tour 
  2. Complete the University Services Agreement: 
    • Email CNM2 Admin the following information:
      • Full company name and address
      • Company phone number
      • Dollar amount not to exceed (estimate for one year, we bill monthly for actual usage)
      • Name, title and email address of the individual who will sign the Service Agreement on behalf of the company
    • CNM2 will send the Service Agreement with Exhibit A for signatures
    • Copies of the fully executed agreement will be distributed to all parties 
  3. Email a copy of your company W-9 form to CNM2 Admin 

External Non UC User access procedure - adding employee access under existing Service Agreement

  1. Email CNM2 manager to discuss process requirements.  New users may also schedule a facility tour if desired.  
    • Become a UC Davis Temporary Affiliate: 
      • You will receive an automated notice that you have been sponsored as a Temporary Affiliate.  Follow the instructions in the email to complete the registration 
      • After the registration is complete you will receive your UC Davis email address via email.  Forward this email address to CNM2 Admin
    • Go to the UC Davis Learning Center 
      • Log in and complete the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (UCLSF) Course 
      • In the UC Davis Learning Center, go to "Transcripts and Certificates" and locate your UCLSF certificate
      • Export the UCLSF certificate to pdf
      • Email a digital copy of certificate of completion to CNM2 Admin  
    • Review the CNM2 Policies and Procedures document
    • Pass the CNM2 Policies and Procedures exam:
      • Cleanroom access exam
      • Microscopy lab access exam
    • Email CNM2 Admin to schedule the CNM2 Facility safety orientation and wet bench training 
    • Complete the External Non-UC User Agreement: 
      • CNM2 staff will send the User Agreement for signatures via DocuSign 
      • Copies of the fully executed agreement will be distributed to all parties
    • Install AggieAccess mobile app on your mobile device
      • Look for an email from aggieaccess.ucdavis.edu with instructions and a registration code
      • Follow the instructions to register your mobile device
      • You will use this mobile device to enter Kemper Hall and CNM2
    • Email CNM2 Admin to request access code