PlasmaTherm Apex SLR ICP

PlasmaTherm Apex SLR ICP Manufacturer: PlasmaThermModel : SLRRATES |

      Advanced Vacuum’s APEX SLR provides etching capabilities over a variety of materials and substrates. The small footprint, low cost, ease of use and superior performance makes the Apex SLR ideal for a wide range of uniform, high quality ICP etch applications serving R&D, FA, prototyping, pilot line and low volume production. The Apex SLR is ideal for numerous technologies such as Failure/Yield Analysis, Photonics, Solid State Lighting, MEMs, and Wireless ICP etch processing.  This system utilizes HBr, Cl2, BCl3, H2, CF4, CHF3, Ar, O2, CH4 and SF6 process gasses to accommodate a large variety of dry etch process capabilities.  This system will be online late summer/fall 2018.