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The PlasmaTherm Versaline ICP Etch system is a high density plasma (HDP) etch system. The DSE (Deep Silicon Etch) technology is based on the well-known time division nultiplex (TDM) etch process. The TDM process (also known as the Bosch process) consists of alternating cycles of etching and protective polymer deposition to achieve high aspect ratios. The system can be used for deep Si trench etching of a single 6-inch (150 mm) substrate. A mechanical ceramic clamp secures the substrate within the process chamber during the DSE process. Cooling of the platen is provided by a heat exchanger with a cooling loop that is independent of the system. Helium gas is used for aiding backside cooling of the substrate. Other gases configured with this system includes SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride), C4F8 (Octofluorocyclobutance), O2 (Oxygen), and Ar (Argon). An aluminum load lock allows manual loading of the substrate.

Process Parameter Limits
Process pressure Max = 100 mT
Backside He cooling pressure Max = 10 Torr
ICP power Max = 3500 W
Bias voltage Max = 1500 V
Electrode temp Max = 40 C; min = -40 C
Lid temp 180 C
Liner temp 180 C
Spool temp 180 C
C4F8 flow rate 420 sccm
SF6 flow rate 653.4 sccm
Ar flow rate 48.5 sccm
O2 flow rate 48.25 sccm