PicoSun R-series PEALD

PicoSun R-200 PEALDManufacturer: PicoSunModel : R-series RATES |

      The agile design enables the highest quality ALD film depositions together with the ultimate system flexibility to fit future needs and applications. The patented hot-wall design with fully separate inlets and instrumentation enables particle-free processing adaptable on a wide range of materials on wafers, 3D objects, and all nanoscale features. Excellent uniformity even on the most challenging through-porous, ultra-high aspect ratio, and nanoparticle samples is achieved.  This system utilizes TMA, TEGa and DEZn precursors along with HH3, N2, O2 and Ar process gasses to accommodate a large variety of ALD process capabilities.  The system is accompanied by an ozone generator for surface cleaning and preparation.  This system will be online late summer/fall 2018.