Lesker Sputterer

Lesker SputterModel: Manufacturer: Kurt J. Lesker Co.Location: 1224A6RATES | 

Purpose built to sputter deposit thin films with superb reproducibility, the Lesker Sputter can use its 4 primary guns to sputter or co sputter up to 4 materials in a single vacuum. It uses both standard and magnetron guns to allow users to deposit a wide range of materials including Ag, Al, Alloyed Al, Au, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, ITO, Permalloy, SiO2 and Ti supplied as specialized 3 inch sputter targets. It can also use MFC controlled gas flow for reactive sputtering to create films like TiO2 or Iron Oxides. The Lesker sputter is designed to work with a single 6 inch wafer or smaller devices placed atop a 6 inch handle provided by CNM2. The sample can be rotated during deposition to maximize uniformity, and it can be heated up to 800C to create special phases of material. The tool can also perform ‘reverse sputter’ sample plasma cleaning in vacuum, to allow the cleanest possible interfaces. Its load lock system allows for higher reproducibility and shorter pump down times than possible on other tools in its class. It also has a modern touch-screen control, which allows users to run and share recipes. Close alternatives for vacuum thin film deposition include the CHA sputter, the CHA E-beam evaporator and the CHA thermal evaporator.