Here at NCNC we offer a variety of micro- and nano-fabrication services to industries in desiring a particular tool or processing procedure at a competitive price.

agoura Agoura Technologies develops light recycling polarizers to meet the demand for energy efficiency in liquid crystal displays (LCDs).
200px-Dow_Chemical_Company_logo.svg Dow Chemical Company, connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve global challenges.
Bio-Rad_Laboratories Biorad specializes in a vartiety of areas including Life Science Research, Clinical Diagnostics, Spectroscopy, Process Separations, Food Science, and Life Science Education.
Trilumina TriLumina, technology capable of powering hundreds of individual lasers operating in perfect synchronization at exceedingly high speeds and power. 
Rohm_haas_logo Rohm and Haas, a company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, manufactures miscellaneous materials.