Plasma Therm Shuttlelock

We offer qualified lab members 24/7 access to the cleanroom and its equipment. Please refer to our equipment and materials provided pages to understand what is available at CNM2. Although these items are available, CNM2 does not make any guarantees on results or project goals. Rather, it provides a "fishing license" and a cleanroom space to conduct research. Please contact staff for specific requests or assistance surrounding your project needs. 

CNM2 is a recharge facility. Cleanroom charges accrue as you spend time in the cleanroom and additional charges are made when you use equipment. These charges are used to cover expenses around the facility, provide supplies, and maintain equipment. To better understand our recharge rates see our Billing Information page. CNM2 supplies a wide array of general chemicals for lab members which are constantly stocked by the CNM2 staff. Please check our Materials Provided page and check with staff before ordering your own chemicals.\

Training and qualification by staff is required before using any equipment or chemicals. Prior experience is not an exception to this rule. After becoming a member, please contact staff for assistance or technical training.