Neville Luhmann


Position Title

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2064 Kemper Hall

The UC Davis Microwave/Millimeter Wave and Plasma Diagnostic Group (MMWPDG), founded by Prof. Neville. C. Luhmann,Jr., is part of the Davis Millimeter-Wave Research Center (DMRC). The thrust of the UC Davis Microwave/Millimeter Wave and Plasma Diagnostic Group is the development of advanced millimeter-wave plasma diagnostic instruments and techniques on relevant magnetic fusion devices, and obtaining important physics results with these diagnostics. A further important mission is the training of the next generation of plasma physicists and engineers. In this regard, UCD is extremely fortunate to have available perhaps the most extensive microwave, millimeter-wave, and submillimeter-wave equipment collection available anywhere, and has been designated a Center of Excellence in high power microwave/millimeter-wave sources. Further capabilities are provided by extensive collaborations with fusion researchers and millimeter-wave technology researchers worldwide.