Josh Hihath


Position Title

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Our research is centered around understanding charge transport and energy conversion in molecular-scale devices. In the 21st century advances in the electronics, energy, health-care, and security industries will require significant advances in our understanding of nano-scale systems, processes, and technologies. To enable these advances we are working to understand and control the physical properties of molecular-scale systems down to the single molecule level. We seek not only to understand the interplay between the electrical, mechanical, optical and thermal properties of these systems, but also to design and develop unique molecular-scale functions that harness these properties for novel device functions.

Research at this scale is inherently interdisciplinary and requires collaboration between engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, and medical personnel. As such, in addition to understanding the fundamental physical properties, we are exploring areas where the ability to measure and control a single molecule provides potential advantages over conventional techniques in areas such as chemical and environmental sensing, biological diagnostics, and signal transduction.