Cristina Davis


Position Title

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Cristina Davis is currently a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Davis. Her main research interests are in chemical and biological sensing applications, use of technology to speed biomarker discovery, novel bioMEMS devices, and bioinformatics interpretation of sensor output. 

Our research group's work focuses on cutting edge research on the design and implementation of analytical sensors -- especially chemical sensors. We occupy ~1,000 ft2 of dedicated laboratory space on the main University of California, Davis campus.

There exists an urgent need for sensors that can rapidly, accurately, and specifically detect extremely small concentrations of chemical and biological materials. Such technologies can make an impact on everything from public health to national defense.

Along with researchers in industry, our group is developing new sensor systems suitable for rapid diagnosis of various pulmonary diseases. Similarly, we are also applying variations on this technology for the early detection of chemical and biological agents. By drawing parallels in chemical/metabolite detection for clinical and defense applications, we can now develop "dual-use" sensors that are less expensive to bring through the development pipeline and can be applied to a wide spectrum of problems.

This core thrust in our research requires a multidisciplinary effort between biology, chemistry, mathematics, mechanical, and electrical engineering.