Charles Hunt


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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research headed by Prof. Charles E. Hunt and the Vacuum Microelectronics Research Group has broken into the Energy-Efficient Lighting market. On October 7,2010, Vul Corporation, a publicly-traded (vuoc) California Company with offices in Seattle and New York, announced having received Underwriters Laboratories Certification on their energy-efficient R-30 product. The product, which is manufactured in the Czech Republic, is a direct replacement for the highly inefficient incandescent R-30 popularly used in downlights, especially in California. The lamp uses less than 1/3 the energy of the incandescent lamp, and lasts five times as long. Unlike fluorescent lamps, it contains no mercury, has high-quality color rendering, is fully dimmable, and operates instant on/off. Unlike LED lamps, this new lamp is comparatively inexpensive, has low glare, dissipates modest amounts of heat, and has none of the spectral qualities (which exist in nitrided-semiconductor LEDs) implicated in possible human health hazards. Vul has patented and trademarked the unique technology, called Electron-Stimulated Luminescence (ESL.) Vul will commence delivery on its initial orders as soon as possible.