CHA Sputterer

CHA Sputter 2Model: MPS-4

Manufacturer: CHA

Loacation: 1224A6

RATES | Operation Manual

Designed to deposit conformal metal and oxide films up to several microns in thickness, the CHA Sputter finds most of its use in depositing thick films of conductive and optic materials such as Cu, TiO2, AZN and ITO. CNM2 does not supply any materials for the CHA Sputter, however, there are many materials openly available from past projects. Though it’s designed for coating six samples at once, it can also be used to coat a single sample at a time, allowing for much thicker coatings than are possible on the other vacuum deposition tools. The CHA Sputter uses standard 4” material source targets which are incompatible with the Lesker Sputterer.

Close alternatives for depositing thin films include the Lesker Sputterer, the CHA E-Beam Evaporator and the CHA Thermal Evaporator.