Cannon PLA Aligners

Canon PLA AlignersModel: PLA-501F & PLA-502F

Manufacturer: Canon

Location: 1224B4

RATES | Operation Manual

CNM2 provides two high-throughput Cannon aligners, the PLA-501F and PLA-502F. The Cannon aligners accept 5" binary masks and will automatically expose cassettes of up to twenty five 4" wafers coated with g-line or i-line resist. They also detect and orient wafer edge notches so each wafer will have proper orientation during exposure. Further, they feature mechanically assisted wafer-to-mask alignment, which drastically enhances speed when aligning many wafers.

Unlike the Karl Suss MA4 tools, the Canon PLA aligners are not compatible with wafer chips or any substrates beyond 4" wafers. The Canon aligners are ideal whenever high-throughput is a priority over one-off convenience.

Alternative to the Cannons are the  Karl Suss MA4 aligners, the EVG, and the Karl Suss MA56.